Reznak zo Saraq

Commander of the Crimson Sails.



Standing some 5’9 at height and weighing 154 pounds, Reznak has the characteristically sharp features of a man of Ghiscari descent. He has a wiry frame, along with matching dark hair and eyes and tends to dress in darker shades of black, red and brown. He wears the bloody remnants of what was once a Tokar around him like a cloak.


Ironically, when one usually thinks of Reznak it is indeed his rather… large personality. A worldly man of huge appetites in food, wine and song, he tends to give off a casual air of unpredictable ruthlessness and more than a few men (and even a few women) have thought themselves safe with him to find themselves sadly mistaken. As a man he is not wont to cause trouble unless it comes to his door, but his lust for women, whatever noble or not has led to more than a few altercations that have cost the company a job or two.

He does however have a certain type of magnetism that draws men of low means to him. His leadership ability, largesse and generally easy going nature having lifted the company up somewhat, and when he isn’t after wine or women he can even make a passable negotiator… if one can ignore the casual cursing that is.



Born of Yunkai, the city of yellow brick, golden piss and scarlet blood, Reznak rarely speaks of his early years, but from his mannerism and few things that can be gleaned from him before he changes the subject it is clear that he was born of low stock with his father and him having some sort of animosity. Regardless of the cause, the animosity ended with blood spilt and Reznak has been on the road ever since.

Renowned for his with, cunning and unpredictable ruthlessness, Reznak had little trouble ingratiating with the many Sellsword bands that scour this earth in search of booty, fame and the pleasures of the flesh. Pleasures that Reznak himself didn’t object to in the least… at least judging by the line of dead men whose wives he’s bedded during his decade or so of wandering Essos.

Upon signing up with the Crimson Sails, a sellsword company he rose swiftly and brutally through the ranks with a combination of intrigue and ruthlessness, making alliances and such until he was in a position to take over the position of commander… which leads to him being where he is now.

Recent Events:

September 255: Game Begins

- Crimson Sails are given a contract to privateer along the Stepstones. Reznak is lured into a trap by Ser Armond Pryor, a member of the Crimson Sails, and attacked. Badly wounded, Reznak survived the attack and was returned to his ship, the Bitch of Ghis, to lick his wounds and plan his next move.

Reznak zo Saraq

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