Bartram Garish

Recruiter. Captain of Archers.


A worn looking, slightly rough, but overall average build, makes Bartram unlikely to stand out in a crowd. His friendly face is the first thing that most people notice. His simple, well kept clothing is obviously not meant to draw eyes, but to be practical. His long brown hair has some grey streaks in it, and it could use some attention. The same goes for his beard. Clearly this is a man is getting by, but nothing more then that.


When Bartram was young, he was considered light hearted and even kind. That was 20 years ago and seeing the darker side of this world has changed him. Gone is the naivity, the willingness to see the good in things. It is replaced with a strong sense of practicality, a cynical view on the world around him and a drive to survive and hoping for change to come. This does not mean he is an unpleasant man to be around. Mostly, he projects those feelings on himself, and is easy-going to the people around him. His cynical nature only showing to raucous jokes. He is well aware, that this cynism is what makes him unfit to lead anymore. That projecting an aura of uncoming doom is not what is needed to lead men to their future. He hates himself for it, but blames circumstances nonetheless. It is only those that are new, and weak. Untrained and unknowing that learn a different side of Bartram. Whether it is his old nature, or that he recognises something of himself in them, he does not know. But he has shown to be caring and protective to them. Something which is not to common in The Crimson Sails company.


Age: Adult, Nine-and-Twenty
Goal: To take care of the new recruits, make sure they survive so they can achieve something (Good)
Motivation: Stability
Virtue: Humility
Vice: Prejudiced (vs. nobility)


Bartram wasn’t born into fighting. He used to be a hunter, living in a small village near Tyrosh, until he was found bedding a local noble’s wife. He escaped and roamed around for a bit, before finding a mercenary company he could join. His skill with the bow, and practical knowledge quickly made him rise through the ranks. Being a sub-commander was probably the highest attainable position for him, and realising that Bartram focused most of his attention downwards, to his men. One of these men happened to be Reznak, a man who Bartram got to know well. Bartram trained him when he could, and it was not much later that Reznak surpassed him in rank. Thus, it was only natural that when dire times came, that Bartram followed Reznak blindly, hoping for him to lead the company to better days.

Recent Events:

September 255: Game Begins
- Bartram was among the scouts to find the Arcite village. He aided Death Adder in tracking Ulfheoinn back to camp.

Bartram Garish

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