Asad Uller

Captain of the Cutthroats.



Slightly above average height and has a sturdy frame. His body is olive skinned like many of Dornish descent and is marked by the occasional scar suffered from battle wounds. His short black hair and well groomed beard is starting to show gray from the hardships endured as a career soldier. While his eyes are a common brown/green hazel, it is said he has a penetrating stare that can unnerve many a man.


Asad puts forth a stern demeanor. While occasionally jovial among close friends he is not known to be in good humor. His loyalty is hard to earn but once given is nearly unbreakable. Slow to anger and even slower to forgive, Asad is unlikely to forget those who have wronged him. Most mistakenly believe Asad to be amoral.


Age: Middle-Aged, Three-and-Thirty
Goal: Power
Motivation: Combat
Virtue: Duty
Vice: Arrogance


Have you ever heard of the Dornish saying “Half of the Ullers are half-mad, and the other half are worse.” Well, my father and older brother were worse. Far, far, worse. And for their evil I put a sword through may father’s gullet and castrated my brother with his own dagger. And that’s how I ended up in Essos.
The preceding paragraph is the titillating and abruptly short story that Asad tells when asked how he ended up in Essos. Most have guessed there is much more to the story but Asad has never bothered explaining anything beyond those short sentences. In fact Asad is fairly vague when describing his past. Like many career soldiers, his stories involve a battlefield, personal glory won, spending large amounts of gold after, and the various mercenary companies he has belonged to. With the formation of the Crimson Sails Asad joined their ranks and soon became a member of the Commander’s personal guard. When asked why he joined a naval based unit Asad dryly replies, “I like to swim.”

Recent Events:

September 255: Game Begins
- Ser Asad was with Reznak during the attempt on the commander’s life. Asad was the main force to keep them alive, killing the Second Sons’ captain, Gerald Storm. Most-or-less whole, Asad oversaw the victory and recovery of Reznak and Blanduris.

Asad Uller

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