• Armond Pryor

    Age: Middle-Aged, Eight-and-Thirty Goal: Justice/Revenge Motivation: Ambition Virtue: Just Vice: Vengeful Background: Famed swordsman and melee champion, one of Daemon's young Lieutenants during the fourth Blackfyre rebellion and a personal …

  • Gerald Storm

    Ser Gerald Storm was the commander of the Second Sons, who were hired by the Archon's rivals. During the hiring of various sellswords and sellsails, the Second Sons attempted to steal the Crimson Sails' ships and with that kill Reznak by turning Ser …

  • Henry

    Henry was with the Second Sons that attacked the Crimson Sails. Henry, whomever he is, was able to flee with Ser Armond and Kevan.

  • Fake Tyroshi

    This man was a fake messenger for the Archon who led Reznak into the ambush. He survived the attack and fled.

  • Kevan

    Kevan apparently recruited Ser Armond and helped the knight attempt to kill Reznak. Kevan was able to flee with the other Second Sons.