Wilhelm Wolfson.

Steward of the Crimson Sails.



Wilhelm stands at 5’11" and weighs 185 lbs. He has close cropped brown hair with some gray coming in around his temples. His mustache is dyed green and is turned up at the ends. His broad chest is scarred with the brand of a double headed axe.


Wilhelm is a serious and determined man. He keeps a level head (mostly he does have a weakness for the ladies) Those who stand in front of Wilhelm’d goals find him a relentless and passionate man once committed to an action.


Age: Middle Aged, Six-and-Thirty
Goal: Wealth
Motivation: Excellence
Virtue: Honesty
Vice: Licentious


Wilhelm was sold to a bearded priest when he was too young to remember. From his earliest memories Wilhelm was trained to be a warrior. While a good fighter Wilhelm was a better student. He learned what he could where he could. At sixteen Wilhelm had finished his training, and received his brand showing he was wed to his axe. Two years later Wilhelm accompanied a priest to Braavos to deal with the iron bank. While there Wilhelm kept his mouth shut and his eyes and ears opened and learned much of banking. Then one night the priest wanted a private meeting. While standing guard out side he heard a commotion inside the room. He broke the door down to find the priest dead with the killer standing over him. Wilhelm killed the murder, but rather than return to Norvas Wilhelm thought he could better himself and reach his full potential if he had some formal training. Finding the cost of education Wilhelm began selling his only marketable skill his axe.

Recent Events:

September 255: Game Begins
- Wilhelm helped broker the deal to repair the Mule, a damaged ship in the Crimson Sails’ fleet.

Wilhelm Wolfson.

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