Vyronar Nestyl

Admiral of the Crimson Sails.



Like the stormy sea, his appearance is mercurial. His wardrobe is made up of whatever he hasn’t thrown out in in his latest fit and rarely does it match. The only constant are the two blades he keeps at his hip, a thin, but sharp, sword and a wide-hilted dagger and his short, but lean, build. As a native of the Free Cities, he is no stranger to ornate hair styles, and he is just as likely to keep the latest fashion, as he is to shave his head.


An opportunist through and through, Vyronar is the archetype criminal-turned-mercenary: unpredictable, unscrupulous, and undeniably charming when necessary. Although he is not malicious, he often functions as “the devil on the shoulder” to his commander when it comes to picking contracts, preferring profits and easy pickings over glory and honor.

However, he is not a complete rogue.

Time at sea has shaped him into someone who respects the lives of others and will not kill on a whim or whenever it’s not necessary. Though he will not hesitate to fight his enemies, he would prefer that they surrender to him and hand over whatever wealth they have. This respect of life does not override him valuing his own hide and in a kill-or-be-killed scenario, he has no qualms with defending himself or his crew.

Moreover, he has spent enough time at the helm of a ship to appreciate the importance of leadership and that he gets as much out of his men as he puts into them. Although he will not go down in history for being a universally beloved captain, he is a fair captain who does have the best interests of his subordinates in mind… most of the time.


Age: Adult, Nine-and-Twenty
Goal: Wealth
Motivation: Greed
Virtue: Merciful
Vice: Avaricious


Born into a lowly family of petty criminals in Braavos, Vyronar Nestyl could not expect to look forward to a good life. Instead of remaining on the streets, however, he joined the crew of a merchant vessel as a cabin boy in an attempt to escape the wretched life he was born into. Not long into his new career, this vessel was attacked by pirates and admiring the bravery of the youth who took up arms to fight them, the pirates accepted him into their crew, thus introducing Vyronar to his true calling: crime.

As a pirate and occasional smuggler, his increasingly bold operations began to attract too much attention and an up and coming mercenary company was contracted to end Captain Nestyl’s raids, the Crimson Sails. Despite his wiles, Vyronar could not escape the mercenaries and was cornered after weeks of a cat-and-mouse game within the Gulf of Grief. Completely at the mercy of his pursuer, some Ghiscari company sub-commander, Vyronar turned coat and offered to join the mercenaries peacefully instead of forcing them into a pitched engagement, while allowing them to still finish their contract.

A member of the company, he remained loyal to the officer that spared his life and when it came time for a new commander to take power, Vyronar threw his support behind Reznak. With Reznak as the new commander, Vyronar was duly rewarded for his loyalty and support and was promoted to be one of Reznak’s sub-commanders, and commanding naval officer.

Recent Events:

September 255: Game Begins

Vyronar Nestyl

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