Kennel Master of the Crimson Sails. Dead.



Tight cropped blonde hair, shaven close on the sides but kept at about four inches in the front, a series of crenelated spiked fill his blood slicked hair. A headdress of raven feathers and a wolf skull adorn his head, while a great many whale teeth form the spiked protrusions forming his epaulets. His bracers are made of molded and plastered rib bones from hound pups. The ribbing of his hide armor comes from the ribcage of a stud that had gigantism and was slaughtered for killing a bitch when it mounted her. The hide of the armor is all canine hides cured and reinforced with brass carabineers which are also used to give it a skintight fit.

His right hand has been mutilated, fed like his god to some kind of canine. When he uses his thumb and index finger to grasp his shield the stump bleeds a slow steady current. Hundreds of scars cross his arms and torso, most were ritualistic scarrification carving the runes into his flesh. Though beneath these lay older scars. Barely discernible brands of slavery. It seemed he had been many times a slave, but his eyes never cowed when met. The brilliant blue eyes with glowing bursts of gold that seemed to make them glow with an internal light. They were empty eyes, cold and predatory. Upon his face were runes tattooed in flesh by ink made from the ashes of dead men. They concealed the pale white Andal flesh beneath their midnight hues and cerulean accents.

At his waist was a thin cruel looking blade that looked sharp enough to filet a dragon. It was a filthy looking blade, offal covered it and caked it in a vile looking grime. Though filthy it was in servicable shape as the edge gleamed hungrily in the light, it was clearly razor sharp.

At his heel sat a huge bitch, easily heavier than the man that was her master. She had a mean snarl on her face and bared razor sharp teeth constantly. Her snarl was completely silent but the raised hackles from the tip of her tail to the base of her skull were telling. One wrong move around the beast would be a mans last. Her paws, massive as they were sported upon them a jet black set of claws, obviously honed to be able to rend flesh and cleave bone. Among all of his kennel she was a magnificent specimen, nearly twice the size of her children.

This was Ulfheoinn, a priest of The Silent God, a man of little patience and less morality.


Ulfheoinn is a Warg, a skinchanger, and if the order in the kennel is to be of any indicator quite a powerful one indeed.

Among the Lieutenants of the Company Ulfheoinn is running to be the most feared and hated. He has shown a great pleasure in finding those cowards with wounds in their backs and feeding them to the dogs. The eagerness to feed the cowards to his savage curs has earned him a position of respect, admiration, and abject terror among the troops.

Ulfheoinn’s chambers on his ship are mortifying to behold. Hundreds of skulls soaked in blood and wine form an altar opposite his bed. The altar is mortared with body fat and bonemeal. His ship is itself a Temple to his “Silent God”, and is often the last place anyone save his fellow houndsmen want to be.


Age: Adult, Five-and-Twenty
Goal: Enlightenment
Motivation: Madness
Virtue: Devoted
Vice: Avarice


Ulfheoinn did not live long in Skagos, but he has some fleeting memories. He remembers Wulf his father and clan leader being eviscerated and hung by his entrails left to rot in the frozen wastes. He remembers Hildegardt his mother being raped and put to the torch. He remembers eating his cousin to survive in the wilds before being captured by Essos slavers. But he was so young at the time this occurred that only the most brutal and vivid memories stick to him.

Being a descendant of the First Men and the Andals Ulfheoinn caught a fair price on the slave market as he was sold to be the sex slave of a Yunkish merchant. However being of the Free Men Ulfheoinn didn’t take to being told he was to serve a master, especially to serve with his body. Instead of servicing his first master, Ulfheoinn bit the mans manhood off, ate it. Then proceeded to savagely beat the man to death with a crystal globe he kept upon his bedside table. It has been told many times around many campfires, it’s one of Ulfheoinn’s favorite tales.

According to the legend, Ulfheoinn ate his captors eyes and face and was caught cradling the severed head. He was beaten nearly to death at this point. However, the fighting spirit he displayed made him an ideal slave for the pits. Ulfheoinn was a slave in the pits for many years. Growing up killing children of a similar age for the sport of others.

He eventually made his escape when Dornish Sand Dogs were to be his next opponent. At the age of fifteen his skinchanging abilities awoke and when the slave guards came to transport the hounds to the pit, he used this ability to cause them to attack and kill the slavers. The dog so controlled also released the cages and freed all of the warrior slaves. Causing what Ulfheoinn considers to be the greatest slaughter of his life.

The ensuing chaos allowed Ulfheoinn to escape.

Ulfheoinn was recruited shortly after escaping as he was found by Reznak. Reznak found the slave cutting off brands with a rusty and dull knife. The bloodied teen was not unknown to Reznak as he had been quite a prize attraction for the past two years, afterall an Andal slave is a prized one.

Reznak knew the youth liked killing and gave the youth a contract. When it expired at the age of 21 Ulfheoinn stayed on as a full share member of the Company. Ulfheoinn has served Reznak loyally and dutifully as any dog for 11 years. Now being a lieutenant in charge of the Auxiliary forces and kennel master. He is widely accepted to be the creepiest as well as the crudest lieutenants of the entire company.

Recent Events:

September 255: Ulf was killed by Death Adder in a duel at camp on the Tyroshi coast after the kennel master attacked an Arcite priest for unknown reasons at their village. Instead of bearing the brunt of the village’s anger, Death Adder promised the man’s head and delivered.


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