Tennio "Bloodwave"

Captain of the Howling Tide



Tennio is a flamboyant figure who always aspires to attract attention, either with colorful clothes or over the top personality. One handaxe swings from his belt and another, bigger one, from his back. They are the possessions he prizes the most, often cleans and sharpens, and doesn’t let anyone touch them either. In battle he wears a hard leather armor painted in crimson and silver, ornated with metal spikes on the shoulders. He has a long silver hair and often combs it in a way to hide a hideous scar on his left cheek.


Tennio aspired to leave an impression. He grew up among pirates, all of whom appreciate only tough, secure people and growing up he learned to adjust to his surroundings. Being a child of a scribe he was teased by other children, when their fathers and mothers were coming back from glorious raids, his father would make notes and work on dividing their treasure. Because of that he now mocks every non fighter and speaks of his own bloodthirsty deeds with a ton of bravado. As a matter of fact, he often lies too.

Being fond of luxury, he will murder and cheat for gold, slaves and exotic objects, but is not fond of unnecessary cruelty as much of his own kin were while growing up. Tennio dreams of a fort of his own filled with subjects that bow to him, plenty of courtesans and slaves, and a fleet of fast ships to sail to the corners of the world with.

He tends to become friends with people who either flatter him or are patient enough to sit through long, almost impossible stories of his past deeds.

Wanderlust and an endless quest for more gold are his defining traits. He posses no redeeming characteristics, but also does not particularly form of cruelty just for the sake of it.


Age: Adult, Four-and-Twenty
Goal: Too increase the reputation of the company and gain revenge over the Stepstones pirate captain of that ship he served in.
Motivation: Wealth
Virtue: Bravery
Vice: Avariciuos


He grew up on the Stepstones as a child of a Paymaster for the famous Saan pirate family. Soon he displayed a talent for battle, and as he grew he started raiding merchant cogs with fellow pirates. In battle he prefers light armor which enables him to move move freely. We wields a battleaxe and a hand axe in his off hand, and calls himself “Bloodwave”. 3 years ago he left the Stepstones over a disagreement concerning uneven loot sharing by the captain of his ship. They both had eyes on a necklace of pure gold, embedded with crystal clear green emerald, and ended up fighting over it. Tennio lost and that left him with a scarred face. He joined the sellsword company and quickly rose through ranks to become a captain of a ship and lesser-admiral.

Recent Events:

September 255: Game Begins
- On Tyrosh Tennio traveled with Reznak and the others, but due to personal interested, was not involved in the attack. Instead, the man had other conquests.

Tennio "Bloodwave"

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