Rakhmar zo Saraq

Second-in-Command of the Crimson Sails.



A hard face with black beard, hair and eyes and swarthy skin. He’s around 1.93m and fairly lean in build.


The over-encompassing trait his character is that of cruelty. He does not think much about inflicting harm on those who can’t defend themselves and he does not easily take no for an answer from those he considers less than himself. He’s quick to anger, delights in avenging slights and wrongs, no matter how trivial, and thinks that violence is probably the best way to handle a dispute. On the plus side he is also generous to his friends and does not hesitate to share his own belongings with the ones he respects as brother-in-arms. He has however little concept for the idea of “worthy foe”.


Age: Middle-Aged, Two-and-Thirty
Goal: Power, make himself the King of the Ghiscari
Motivation: Greed and feeling of superiority over those who are not warriors
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Wrath


Rakhmar likes to play himself as a noble but truth is that he don’t know who his father was and have just a little more inklig for who was his mother. Instead he lived as a street urchin in Meereen, which hardened him in every way, before he was more or less recruited to guard a slave and so started his career as a guard and warrior. The name of zo Saraq is pretty much made up by himself but anyone who challenge it can be certain to swiftly get to meet his sword.

Rakhmar has served with at least two different companies before the present one but throughout his years his one dream has remained. The dream of rising to power and wealth and forge a kingdom of his own in Slaver’s Bay. Currently he looks with interest on the Band of the Nine and wonders if a similar approach could not work to make his own dream a reality. He is currently trying to make the rest of the company interested in conquering the Slaver Cities.

Recent Events:

September 255: Game Begins
- Rakhmar prepares to lead the separated company into battle against a local tribe called the Protans not far from Tyrosh where most of the company is camped.

Rakhmar zo Saraq

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