Marcus Glabor

Tyroshi Merchant.


Age: Middle-Aged, Four-and-Forty

Title: Tyroshi Merchant, Pork and Wine


Marcus is one of the fattest men anyone has ever seen. He is as wide as four barrels put together, with huge breasts, three chins, and folds of fat bursting out everywhere. He sweats profusely and waddles about uncomfortably.



Marcus Glabor is primarily a wine merchant in Tyrosh, selling expensive vintages to the well-to-do of the city. He also dabbles in swine. He seems to be well-off himself and well connected in the city.

Recent Events:

September 255: Marcus Glabor attended the Archon’s party after the Crimson Sails were hired. He met them in the baths.

Marcus Glabor

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