Lady M

Tyroshi Merchant and Courtier.


Age: Thirty

Title: Merchant and Courtier


The woman is from Valyrian stock, undoubtedly, with platinum hair and purple eyes. She is seen wearing a mask, one adorning a mustache that curls upward. The half mask does not cover her mouth which betray full, red painted, lips and stark white teeth.

She is fit, but not slender, with large, perfect-seeming breasts and a small waist. She wears a silver gown of silk which can ‘almost’ be seen through.


Most of the woman’s background is unknown. She owns an olive farm and various holdings in Tyrosh. She seems to have some interest in the Crimson Sails and seemed to find the hiring of ‘Kevan’ odd, as he was with the Second Sons. Unfortunately, Tennio had other things on his mind than sellsword politics.

Lady M

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