Kassinadae is a quite small woman, just over 5 feet, though she could be described as pleasantly plump from her recent easy living. Her smile is radiant, and her bright, nearly golden eyes stand out. She usually keeps her dark hair short so it isn’t a burden or gets in the way. She normally drsses very simply in robes or even pants sometimes. Anything that doesn’t get in the way of her duties.


Kassindae has always kept up the strong beliefs of pacifism from her homeland, but she is far from the innocent girl she once was. She knows what she must do to survive and get through life. Though she always seems kind, she will not hesitate to lie, trick or bribe to get what she needs. She won’t ever instigate it, but Torg has bashed more than a few heads of criminals and thieves.


Age: Middle-Aged, Two-and-Thirty
Goal: Adventure
Motivation: Boredom
Virtue: Devoted
Vice: Recklass


Kassindae’s early life was simple, but idyllic. She spent most her time, picking fruit, writing poetry and studying books her father had amassed. On Naath, life was peaceful, if not a little boring sometimes. Occasionally, she would wish she could see some of the places she read about, but overall, she was content. That all changed the night the corsairs attacked.

Her father went out to greet them as he did all visitors, with kinds words, an offer of refuge, and basket of fruit. These men didn’t glance at the fruit as they cut him down. They ransacked the place quickly, almost as if they were in a hurry to be done. When they found a young Kaasindae curled up under her bed, theit sinister laugh frightnened her. Next thing she knew, she eas locked in chains, stripped naked in the belly of a leaky ship.

The next few years were rough for her a slave on the Basilisk Islands. Initially, they didn’t realize how smart and talented Kassindae was, but eventuslly she ended up with Gorma, a female pirate captain. Normally a bloodthirsty, harsh woman, she saw how useful Kassindae could be. Kassindae’s talent for learning proved uaefulnas her job as a translator. She also took care of Gorma’s needs, including when she fell ill after s brief foray into Sothyros.

It was that first experience that spurred her to get mire involved in the healing arts. Her next subject was Torg, a Brindled Man slave they had picked up while on the South. Torg suffering for illness and injury, but with Kassindae’s ministrations, he was able to recover fully. Ever since then, he has followed her around and done her bidding. He never says much in his limited tongue, but he helps keep more loathsome elements away and will fight fiercely to defend Kassindae.

Not long after that, Kassindae was granted her freedom by Gorma. She stayed on board her ship for a few more years as a free woman, but eventually moved on. With her wealth, she actually spent some time in the Qarth and studied under a woman from the East while helping treat a rich merchant. But an unfortunate incident there caused her to come back west quickly.

Lastly, she has been working out of Tyrosh. Business has been good with all of the fighting in the Disputed Lands, but she feels like something is missing. Shr eants more excitement and desires more camaraderie like shr felt while serving on Gorma’s ship.

Recent Events:

September 255: Kassinadae’s contract was purchased by the Archon of Tyrosh and assigned to the Crimson Sail as Reznak’s personal physician.


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