Ghazdor mo Zechar

Wise Master of Yunkai.



Ghazdor is an old man past sixty years. His head is completely bald but he still retains a long, how stark white, beard. He walks slightly stooped and sometimes his helped with a cane. Although his body might be failing him his mind is as sharp as ever.



The Wise Master Ghazdor mo Zechar was not born into wealth. Instead, he was born into a poor merchant family from Meereen. He, alongside his father, worked themselves up and took possession of slaves. Eventually, basically out of happenstance, Ghazdor sold one of the slaves for a remarkable profit. That is what started their family. By the time Ghazdor was forty, he ruled his family, and had enough wealth, influence and intelligence to be considered one among the Wise Masters of Yunkai, to which his family had moved ten years prior. Ghazdor is known to train some of the more proficient bed slaves in all of Yunkai.

About ten years ago, Ghazdor’s youngest daughter gave birth to a bastard, which caused some scandal among the Wise Master elite, but Ghazdor did what he always did, profited. He sold the child as a slave never to be heard of again.

Ghazdor mo Zechar

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