Ezred zo Shozk, the Lion

Commander of the Harpy's Talons.



Ezred zo Shozk looks the part of a sellsword commander. His skin is weathered, tanned and scarred. The man has a knot of bunched, coarse, a hair and a matching beard. He carries axe and sword, but is typically lightly armored. The real thing of interest is the Lion pelt and head that serves as a cape and a partial armor. It is why he has claimed the moniker ‘the Lion’.



Ezred was taken into slavery by the Dothraki as a child. There he was treated terribly, beaten and broken, the boy had nothing much to live for. He grew angry and resentful, as any child would, but this nurtured the oncoming hurricane that would set him free. Only Two-and-Three, although already a slave for six years, Ezred was able to murder a horselord in his sleep. Then, he followed with the man’s wife, their children, and so on. By the time those who could stop him awoke, the boy was on a skiff and out to sea. The Dothraki loosed arrows at him from the shore but would not follow, for the Dothraki fear the sea like no other.

Ezred washed ashore somewhere, but never risked returning to his parent’s home in Slaver’s Bay. They were not slaves, he knew, but he had nothing. If he returned there, surely he would be returned to a life of bondage. Instead, he struck out with the first band of warriors he could find and lived among them as a servant until he was old enough to learn the ways of war. Over the years he went from sellsword company to sellsword company.

When the Harpy’s Talons were betrayed and their commander, Agrak zo Agrak was killed, Ezred just happened to end his current contract. The Wise Masters in Yunkai offered a better one. That is how Ezred became commander of the Harpy’s Talons. Ezred already had some contact with Agrak, as they were lovers, and it was planned that Ezred was to come and serve by Agrak’s side once his contract had expired. That day came, but by that time Agrak was dead, and the traitors calling themselves the Crimson Sail were in the Disputed Lands. Ezred has been busy rebuilding the fallen company, preparing for his vengeance..

Ezred zo Shozk, the Lion

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