Enyo Volga

Admiral-General of Tyrosh.


Age: Middle-Aged, Eight-and-Forty

Title: Master Admiral-General of Tyrosh


Enyo Volga does not seem a Tyroshi. He does not dye any part of his hair, but perhaps that is because his head and face are only covered in stubble. He is plain in appearance with a stern gaze. He almost never seems completely shaven, and his brown stubble can be seen on top of his head in patches and on his face. Enyo’s frame is not particularly impressive, but he certainly shows the signs of a warrior.



Enyo Volga comes from common stock. His father was a captain of a simple merchant vessel and his mother raised Enyo and five other children. Enyo had little options for gainful employment, and so he joined Tyrosh’s standing army, as paltry as it was. He first saw combat when the Triarchy collapsed in small skirmishes between Myr and Lys. He was bloodied young, and in turn, earned renown among his peers. Soon after, he found himself leading men, again and again. He took to sea, and nothing changed, he dispatched pirates and Lys and Myr privateers. Lys and Myr both attempting to buy his services, but Enyo never accepted any offer. He grew in influence, prestige, and power. He tightened up defenses across Tyrosh and particularly their ports. Now, he is in charge of every military aspect in Tyrosh, from the city’s guard to enlisting sellswords to kill their enemies.

Enyo Volga

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