Death Adder

War Master of the Crimson Sails.



Death Adder is an imposing figure, with a height of close to 8 feet and a weight of over 350 pounds. Years of constant training and exercise has wrought his body into its well chiseled form.

His facial features and skin coloration suggests that he’s of Andal descent. He keeps his auburn hair cropped and keeps his facial hairs short and trimmed, giving him a clean look.

He prefers to wear utilitarian clothes that prioritizes comfort over style. When in training or in actual combat, he wears leather armor and wields a boar spear and a massive shield.


Death Adder is a serious individual. Some say dead serious, truly befitting his appellation. Although now a free man, the training ingrained in him still lingers. His manner of speech is curt and direct to the point.

Nonetheless, he is an ambitious person that can think for himself and values his self worth. This trait saved his life countless times when we subverts numerous suicidal commands from his superiors.

Living in a culture of violence, he values strength of arms and considers it as the true key to survival in the cruel world he lives in. He maintained his martial discipline and continuously practices if time is available.

In his role as Master-at-arms, he does not exhibit the same brutality as his former trainers and considers the limitations of their current “recruits”. Although he still lacks the empathy of normal individuals, he treats his trainees as weapons that requires proper maintenance.

His long term goal is to be able to train his own breed of Unsullied. He understands that secrecy is a must, lest his former Good Masters send assassins his way.


Age: Adult
Goal: Skill Mastery (Fighting)
Motivation: Excellence
Virtue: Courageous
Vice: Ambitious/Grasping


Death Adder’s memory of his life before his capture and eventual enslavement was hazy. He does remember that he was from a family in Qohor engaged in lumber trade.

His life in Astapor under the Good Masters was for him, typical. Typical for the likes of him that survived the grueling physical and mental training. During his third year in training, he killed an older trainee who has been bullying him. Instead of executing him, he was sold to fight at the Douquor’s Pit. Drenched in honey, then ushered into the pit, he didn’t flinch when he faced the bear. He evaded all the beast’s attack and drove a splintered femur into its eye and killed it.

After the crowd’s uproar was quelled, Good Masters of Astapor including his previous owner, conducted a bidding to have him. His previous owner’s rival won the bid and brought him for training. Having earned a reputation for himself, he received special treatment from his trainers. His exercises were more intense, and his punishments more severe, as if his trainer’s aim is to break him. Much to his trainer’s chagrin, he endured, growing taller, stronger and faster than his brethren.

His unit was eventually sold to a sellsword company for a hefty price and survived a score of encounters. He gained his freedom in Pentos, when his mercenary commander made a grave miscalculation on the strength of the opposing force. Being annihilated to less than a handful, the surviving Unsullied was recruited into the Crimson Sail along with several other units.

For years, Black Adder had been training the company’s recruits.

Recent Events:

September 255: Game Begins
- Death Adder scouted the swamp with an emissary of the Arcite, a child named Pate. After arriving, the kennel master, Ulfheoinn, attacked a priest of their village unprovoked. In order to save their hides, Death Adder agreed to give Ulf’s life for the priest’s. After a chase through the swamp and back to camp, Rakhmar allowed a duel, a duel in which Death Adder killed Ulfheoinn even after being poisoned.

Death Adder

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