Armond Pryor

Famous Knight. Traitor.



A typical long-time exile, Ser Armond obviously tries his best to retain at least a fraction of traditional Westerosi look, but he’s not fooling anyone.

His Westerosi plate is long gone and now he is wearing a scale armour most popular between Rhoyne and Narrow Sea. A castle-forged longsword is the only weapon he smuggled into exile, the rest of his arsenal having been acquired in Essos.

His rough face of a warrior is not without a noble dignified air. His words are few, movements are brisk and stare is intense. There can be no doubt that in his homeland he used to be a great man.


Ser Armond is an energetic and driven man, rarely seen idling or engaged into leisure activities. At times he does partake in whoring, drinking and other downtime mercenary activities for recreational purposes but he obviously is pursuing some transcendent goal not connected to gold, women and luxury.

As a fellow mercenary he is first and foremost trustworthy and efficient. Many employers tend to trust a company he runs with more just because they have heard stories of him or worked with him previously.


Age: Middle-Aged, Eight-and-Thirty
Goal: Justice/Revenge
Motivation: Ambition
Virtue: Just
Vice: Vengeful


Famed swordsman and melee champion, one of Daemon’s young Lieutenants during the fourth Blackfyre rebellion and a personal friend to Bittersteel, Ser Armond Pryor enjoys a celebrity status among Westerosi exiles of Essos and is well remembered and reviled back home.

As an exile Armond ran with the Golden Company for six full years as a high ranking officer and still proudly wears his six golden armbands. Shortly after Bittersteel’s death he left the Company for no apparent reason and briefly joined several different mercenary companies spending a few years with each. He was generally well received and well respected even by non-Westerosi mercenaries for his stellar mercenary career, combat prowess, cunning and charisma.

Recently Ser Armond joined the Crimson Sails and is slowly building brotherly ties with his new companions.

In his younger years when he was an aspiring knight his tourney armor was without ornaments, plumes or other extra details and his shield, adorned with his ancestral coat of arms, was often the only way to identify him. Thus eventually smallfolk spectators came up with a fancy monicker of Black Sun.

In his later years this nickname gained more sinister connotations to it.

Recent Events:

September 255: Armond was involved in a traitorous actions that saw him siding with the Second Sons and attempting to murder Reznak, Blanduris and Asad. When he failed, the knight fled after badly wounding Reznak. The man is at-large.

Armond Pryor

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