Alonzo Emprys

Archon of Tyrosh.


Alonzo Emprys is the Archon of Tyrosh and he looks the part. He is tall and handsome, with purple dyed hair that is cut at a medium length. Alonzo sports no facial hair. The man beguiles the eye for he looks ten years younger than his forty-some years alive. He moves with grace, and carries a curved shamshir imported from the Port of Ibben.


Alonzo Emprys was born to the incredibly wealthy Emprys Merchant Family. His father was a close adviser to the Archon during the Triarchy. Alonzo was made captain of his father’s fleet when he was in his twenties, right around the time when the Triarchy came crumbling down. After many years of service, he began to begin his political career.

Only recently, however, with the assassination of the former Archon, did Alonzo have aims for the greatest position in all of Tyrosh. The reason was simple, the Emprys family secured the seat with money, lots of money. In the six months sense Alonzo became Archon, trade has benefited greatly. Both Myr and Lys have resumed trade with Tyrosh for the first time since the fall of the Triarchy. However, some of those that have long had disputes with the Emrpys family are causing trouble. Tyrosh’s politicians and powerful families are almost completely divided when it comes to supporting Alonzo or not.

Alonzo Emprys

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