Men that sell their swords do so for more reasons than stars in the night’s sky. In Essos sellsword companies are common place, fighting the wars of the Free Cities and other City-States against each other and interlopers from beyond the Disputed Lands. The Band of Nine have grown in influence as of late and their wars have seen the rise of sellswords and the making of new men wishing to try their luck as a professional soldier. War is spreading; this is an opportune time for a man to make his fortune on the blood of others.

Your sellsword company is young but eager. Many of your men have yet to be bloodied in the field, but that will not last long with the current climate all about you. Whatever your reasons the time for glory is at hand.

Blood for Gold is an A Song of Ice and Fire, Play-by-Post game run on MythWeavers.

Blood for Gold

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